Moderator's Snapshots

Training at the Windermere Centre

This week I had the privilege of undertaking some training at the Windermere Centre along with seven others, including 2 other Moderators and the denomination’s Church and Society coordinator. The training was led by Jane Baird and Helen Bird from Church House, taking us through many issues concerned with HR (Human Resources). Along with many other areas of Church life we are properly needing to pay greater attention to the society around us and exercising responsible care and support for those who offer service within the life of the church, either a employees or in a volunteer capacity.
Please pray for:

  • the staff at Church House who are acting as a hub which sustains core issues within our common life
  • those from Church House, our Resource Centres for Learning, and the Synod who provide us with training and equipping in many areas that affect the way in which we minister and help us to fulfil the commission of Christ within our local communities
  • those involved in the consultation process concerning the future of the Windermere Centre (leading up to any decisions to be taken at the May 2017 meeting of Mission Council)
  • the Revd Dr Tim Mountain, our newly appointed Learning and Development Officer (a jointly shared role with Northern College) as he begins to find his way around the Synod and as he gets to know us and how we tick.


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