Moderator's Snapshots

A Service of Hope and Expectation at Carlisle Cathedral

On Sunday afternoon I was present at Carlisle Cathedral for “A Service of Hope and Expectation with a Celebration of Covenant and Companionship in the Ecumenical County of Cumbria” as we entered the season of Advent. What an appropriate time for such a recognition to take place. After a further five years of work since the first Agreement our Cumbria Area President, the Revd Sarah Moore, was able to sign this significant Covenant document on behalf of the Cumbria Synod Area. The other 3 signatories to the Covenant were the Anglicans, Methodists, and Salvation Army in Cumbria.

Alongside this a letter of support and companionship was signed by four representatives for the Religious Society of Friends in Cumbria, the Roman Catholic Church, the North Western Baptist Association, and the Church of Scotland (Border Kirk). The continuing work and partnership in Cumbria is focused around the areas of ministry, mission, and buildings. Cumbria offers a model of working which can provide us with encouragement in seeing what is possible both at a local level and at a wider geographical area. Please pray for:

  • the Cumbria Ecumenical project as it develops significantly over the next 5 years
  • the formation of Mission Communities in the different local areas within Cumbria where a common ministry is shared within a locality, and ministry is provided by any of the denominations dependant on the mission needs
  • each of our Synod Areas in fostering ecumenical relationships, and the opportunities in each locality of identifying ways in which we can share mission, ministry and buildings – especially while we have the vitality to do these things
  • -a shared vision with Cumbria for “God for all”: that every single person within our communities may be given the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus


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