Moderator's Snapshots

Northerly Synods Representatives' Meeting

Last week representatives from the five northerly Synods (ourselves, Scotland, Yorkshire, Mersey and Northern) met together and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Windemere Centre and Carver Church. Once again we were grateful that our meeting was led and facilitated by the Moderator of the Synod of Wales, Simon Walkling.

Over the last few years this building of relationships has led to an evolving commitment to do better those things that we can do together. This has led us to explore issues together e.g. HR, finance & accounting, but also where some things make sense to a couple of the Synods this has resulted in cross-border collaboration. An example of this for our Synod is that we are working together with Mersey to finalise the partnership in dealing with all issues of safeguarding with a common policy and practice.

This, and other examples, are providing us with exciting models of good practice to be shared more widely and at the same time make better use of some of our precious people resources. However more deeply than resourcing is the biblical practice of working in partnership and fellowship with our sister churches wherever we can.

Please pray for:

  • our continued partnership and work across the five northerly Synods
  • the other eight synods within our denomination as they too explore different patterns of working in fruitful ways together
  • the different working groups of the northerly Synods as they meet during 2017 and seek to develop new areas for us to share: Human Resources group; Finance; Being Church; Safeguarding; Communications; Listening and Reconciliation
  • the start of a new exploration into how we foster children’s and youth work across the five synods, and areas where we may support one another



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