Moderator's Snapshots

Wharton & Cleggs Lane Church at Little Hulton

Last weekend on the third Sunday in Advent I had the pleasure in the afternoon of worshipping with the congregation at Wharton & Cleggs Lane Church at Little Hulton. Their special Carol Service was led musically by the talented Integra Brass Band and providing a striking accompaniment encouraging some strong singing.

This will be the sort of service that you will be part of during these few weeks before Christmas Day (albeit probably without a brass band!). What an amazing opportunity we have at this time of year to make the most of inviting people to share with us in our celebrations in order to glimpse the work of God afresh in the birth of Jesus, the one called Emmanuel.

Please pray for:

the joyous opportunities across the Synod in seeking to share the Gospel at the point of Jesus’ birth

the pastoral care and prayers of our congregations offered for those who struggle with this time of year, perhaps through the loss of close family members

the love of Christ which our Christian communities share through including those who are otherwise alone or isolated at this time of year

the additional support needed in many of our communities for those who rely on the essential work of homeless shelters, foodbanks and money advice at this time of year


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