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Epiphany - Whitehaven URC

As we mark Epiphany, a moment of revealing light in the travels of the Magi, my snapshot was taken just before Christmas on a visit to Whitehaven URC on the west coast of Cumbria. This thoughtful stained glass creation greeted visitors into the Church – and with the bread and wine pointed to a deeper and far-reaching significance beyond a manger scene which otherwise is packed away until Advent in 11 months’ time.

So join with me in praying for:

  • the follow up by all out congregations with those who, like those wise men, visited over the Christmas season so that they can understand more deeply the impact of the light of Christ for their lives
  • the fresh opportunities within this New Year for each of our congregations to explore their God-given mission through new ventures within their community
  • all those who preach the Gospel week by week – that they may continue to be inspired and empowered by the move of the Holy Spirit
  • the growth of discipleship within each member of our congregations, not simply as a New Year’s resolution but rather with a resolve to be more faithful to Christ’s call upon our lives every day of our lives.

And I wish you all a very happy and blessed New Year.

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