Moderator's Snapshots

A New Year...

As the new year gets underway Church life moves into a different gear. The trappings of Christmas are packed away and we are left with the Gospel of God incarnate, with Jesus Christ calling those earliest people from different walks of life to “come, follow me” as disciples and his enduring call heard in contemporary society for us as disciples today to be salt and light in the world.

My picture this week (unlike recent snapshots by journalists you cannot decipher the scribblings on our papers thanks to my unsteady hand) is of our Lancashire Synod Area Pastoral Meeting formed of those who freely give of their time to support our congregations in the Lancashire Area. The core of every meeting “agenda” is time spent hearing from each member of the committee and the link they have with the different congregations. Each of our congregations, bearing the light of Christ, face different challenges and our prayers and concern are for the way in which we can strengthen that partnership we have in the Gospel.

Please pray for:

  • each of our four Synod Area Pastoral Committees in South, Central, Lancashire, and Cumbria and the support they seek to foster within each Synod Area
  • the process which is underway to identify new conveners for the South, Central and Lancashire Areas and for the Synod Pastoral Committee
  • the pattern of support our congregations can provide to one another in prayer and practical ways
  • the opportunities for new mission ventures that can happen as we share Good News stories of what is taking place in other communities which encourage us and point to new ways of being salt and light.

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