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URC national consultation on Local Ecumenical Projects

Last week I attended a URC national consultation on Local Ecumenical Projects, and with a focus on the new framework document that is being produced to support our LEPs. Every Synod was represented (with Sarah Moore and Nick Mark also being present from our Cumbria Synod Area, so North Western Synod was well represented) and the 24 hours provided a good forum for considering different aspects of our ecumenical working. Much of our consideration about the way we work ecumenically indicated that we need materials that help us to work flexibly, supported more locally (ie with oversight provided by Synods rather than the Churches Together in England forum), in a much “lighter” way, and in particular with non-traditional denominations or churches.

Please pray for:

  • the engagement in mission of all our congregations working with local churches from other traditions in the local community
  • and give thanks for the ecumenical project in Cumbria leading to mission communities across Cumbria with shared ministry across all Methodist, Anglican, URC, and Salvation Army congregations
  • the closer working regionally with other denominations, for example the South West Cumbria United Area between the URC and Methodist churches
  • our work with newer expressions of church and stronger partnerships with a wide variety of old and new traditions
  • those working nationally to create the frameworks which will be flexible and “light” to help us in working well with our local church neighbours as together we make Jesus known
  • the ecumenical initiative for prayer in 2017 between Ascension Day and Pentecost (see for information and resources)

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