Moderator's Snapshots

Who is "The Synod"?

Q: who is the “Synod”?

A: (a) us. Every member of every congregation as part of a partnership of 136 churches bearing the light of Christ in those places, but supporting one another in prayer.

A: (b) us. The resources we hold in common (people, buildings, finances) which we share to support one another in 136 communities which need to know Jesus Christ lives today.

A: (c) the Office based at Patricroft URC. This week’s snapshot (not willingly given up!) shows the 4 people who are employed either full or part time to carry out specific roles on our behalf, with some of those we as Synod have elected to serve the life of the Synod in a voluntary capacity in particular roles. So from left to right Tony Rutherford [Finance Officer], Kath Fowler [Legal & Trust Officer], John Rea (elected by Synod as Vice-Chair of Trust and known to many of you for his service in property matters), Hazel Wall [PA, and Hazel is often the person you will speak to on the phone], Kerry Later [Assistant part time secretary], Brian Jolly (nominated to serve us as Clerk-elect), John Piper (elected by us to serve as Synod Treasurer), and Jean Mullineux (again, elected to serve us as Chair of the Synod Trust). Some of you will spot that we are missing Leo Roberts [employed as our CYDO, and Safeguarding] from the picture also.

A: (d) the Area & Synod Pastoral Committees, Learning & Ministries Committee and more - who are all composed of members from our congregations and ministers who willingly offer their time to support the life and witness of our congregations.

Please pray for:
• the staff who are working hard in the Office and visiting churches when needed to support the life of our Synod
• those who serve us on the various committees, as together we support the mission of our congregations
• our Synod gathering this Saturday at Worsley Road URC and the decisions it will make concerning the way will enable and support the development of all God’s People


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