Moderator's Snapshots

Snapshot from Israel and Palestine

My snapshot this week contains only one lad rummaging through a drum of refuse for any salvage. A sobering reflection against the backdrop of the Israeli wall as it severs the road through the Palestinian community at Abu-Dis, of the impact of conflict in a land which should know the meaning of Shalom.

I have in the last few days been privileged to meet many individuals working to bring transformation whether Mohammed overseeing the planting of 11,000 olive trees (so far) offering a livelihood to farmers or Sister Martha in Bethany as director of an overflowing school with 480+ children.

Please pray for:

the land of Israel and Palestine for a lasting peace

for those individuals in the Holy Land committed to bringing about transformation in communities

that we may offer our communities a hope rooted in Christ which brings reconciliation and peace


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