Moderator's Snapshots

Training at the Windermere Centre

This week I had the privilege of undertaking some training at the Windermere Centre along with seven others, including 2 other Moderators and the denomination’s Church and Society coordinator. The training was led by Jane Baird and Helen Bird from Church House, taking us through many issues concerned with HR (Human Resources). Along with many other areas of Church life we are properly needing to pay greater attention to the society around us and exercising responsible care and support for those who offer service within the life of the church, either a employees or in a volunteer capacity.
Please pray for:

  • the staff at Church House who are acting as a hub which sustains core issues within our common life
  • those from Church House, our Resource Centres for Learning, and the Synod who provide us with training and equipping in many areas that affect the way in which we minister and help us to fulfil the commission of Christ within our local communities
  • those involved in the consultation process concerning the future of the Windermere Centre (leading up to any decisions to be taken at the May 2017 meeting of Mission Council)
  • the Revd Dr Tim Mountain, our newly appointed Learning and Development Officer (a jointly shared role with Northern College) as he begins to find his way around the Synod and as he gets to know us and how we tick.


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Light Seeds

In May I enjoyed leading worship with the folk at The Church at the Centre at Tonge Moor. As they celebrated their 10th anniversary we reflected on the lectionary Psalm 97 and a focus on verse 11 (The Message translation by Eugene Peterson):

"Light-seeds are planted in the souls of God’s people,

Joy-seeds are planted in good heart-soil."

Within the service we planted Russian Giant sunflower seeds. I am grateful to Sue for this wonderful picture that showed just how tall the sunflowers could growth. The world needs those "light-seeds" within God's people to see lives transformed, and for communities to experience the justice, joy and peace of the Kingdom of God.

Please pray for:

  • the world as (whatever your political views) it comes to terms with the election today of Mr Trump as the next US president
  • for the “light-seeds” to be planted and rooted in the lives of God’s People that we will grow in discipleship as we walk more closely with Jesus as individuals and as Christian communities
  • for the light of our congregations within the Synod to plant seeds of the Gospel in the communities where they are – please think of the 3 nearest URC congregations to you and pray particularly for their life and witness as part of God’s mission in their localities
  • for God’s people to be renewed by the joy of the Gospel, and equipped for works of service in response to God’s love in Christ for all people


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From Mission Council October 2016

Last Wednesday to Friday the URC Mission Council meeting took place at High Leigh in Hertfordshire. Our Synod was represented by Pam Dent (Cumbria), Mike Walsh (SCM), Brian Jolly (Clerk), and myself (Moderator). During our time together we discussed key concerns affecting the life of our denomination including ecumenical matters, ministry issues that affect every Synod, the nature of “call” within any form of ministry, the Windermere Centre, and the “Walking the Way” discipleship theme amongst other matters (a full set of Mission Council papers are available on-line for anyone to view). A roundup of the business can be found at It was a lively meeting over the 3 days with many opportunities for participation both within the plenary sessions and within smaller group work sessions.

Please pray for:

  • the General Secretary, Revd John Proctor, for continued wisdom as he works across so many different areas of our denomination’s life
  • the staff at Church House as they continue to resource the essential needs of a denomination
  • the envisioning of the denomination in its discipleship through following the Way of Jesus
  • the work that is needed concerning the future of the Windermere Centre & the care of its staff
  • the opportunities that we may have as a denomination to enable the ministry of all God’s People
  • our continued working especially locally with our ecumenical partners to bear witness to Christ Jesus together


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Meeting the Bishop of Jerusalem

On Monday morning I had the privilege of meeting with a church leader who seeks to serve a diocese which spans five countries facing so many troubles and conflicts that it is often difficult to know where to begin our praying.

The Most Revd Bishop Suheil Salman Dawani (centre in the picture, our Synod Clerk Revd Brian Jolly on the left) is the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in January and the 14th Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem in 2007. He was born in Nablus, West Bank in 1951 and is married to Shafeeqa Fu'ad Massad; they have three daughters, Sama, Tala, and Luban.

As Diocesan Bishop, Archbishop Dawani serves the 27 parishes spread through the five political regions of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. He also chairs the Boards of more than thirty education and healthcare institutions spread throughout the five countries of the Diocese, including Gaza. The diocesan schools, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and vocational training centres provide the best possible services while reaching out to assist those who cannot afford to pay for services and strengthening the Christian presence in this region.

Please continue to pray for:

  • those indigenous churches who work with some of the poorest in these biblical lands
  • the work for peace and reconciliation
  • those of all faiths (and none) who jostle side by side in these lands, that they may seek the common welfare of all people
  • the crisis faced with refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, and all those churches and organisations seeking to provide emergency and long term aid


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Snapshot from Israel and Palestine

My snapshot this week contains only one lad rummaging through a drum of refuse for any salvage. A sobering reflection against the backdrop of the Israeli wall as it severs the road through the Palestinian community at Abu-Dis, of the impact of conflict in a land which should know the meaning of Shalom.

I have in the last few days been privileged to meet many individuals working to bring transformation whether Mohammed overseeing the planting of 11,000 olive trees (so far) offering a livelihood to farmers or Sister Martha in Bethany as director of an overflowing school with 480+ children.

Please pray for:

the land of Israel and Palestine for a lasting peace

for those individuals in the Holy Land committed to bringing about transformation in communities

that we may offer our communities a hope rooted in Christ which brings reconciliation and peace


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Who is "The Synod"?

Q: who is the “Synod”?

A: (a) us. Every member of every congregation as part of a partnership of 136 churches bearing the light of Christ in those places, but supporting one another in prayer.

A: (b) us. The resources we hold in common (people, buildings, finances) which we share to support one another in 136 communities which need to know Jesus Christ lives today.

A: (c) the Office based at Patricroft URC. This week’s snapshot (not willingly given up!) shows the 4 people who are employed either full or part time to carry out specific roles on our behalf, with some of those we as Synod have elected to serve the life of the Synod in a voluntary capacity in particular roles. So from left to right Tony Rutherford [Finance Officer], Kath Fowler [Legal & Trust Officer], John Rea (elected by Synod as Vice-Chair of Trust and known to many of you for his service in property matters), Hazel Wall [PA, and Hazel is often the person you will speak to on the phone], Kerry Later [Assistant part time secretary], Brian Jolly (nominated to serve us as Clerk-elect), John Piper (elected by us to serve as Synod Treasurer), and Jean Mullineux (again, elected to serve us as Chair of the Synod Trust). Some of you will spot that we are missing Leo Roberts [employed as our CYDO, and Safeguarding] from the picture also.

A: (d) the Area & Synod Pastoral Committees, Learning & Ministries Committee and more - who are all composed of members from our congregations and ministers who willingly offer their time to support the life and witness of our congregations.

Please pray for:
• the staff who are working hard in the Office and visiting churches when needed to support the life of our Synod
• those who serve us on the various committees, as together we support the mission of our congregations
• our Synod gathering this Saturday at Worsley Road URC and the decisions it will make concerning the way will enable and support the development of all God’s People


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Egerton URC

Within the Reformed Church tradition we treasure the opportunities to explore the Word of God in the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, such that it shapes our life, worship and witness. Pictured this week are a group from Egerton URC as we looked at the lectionary Bible passages in preparation for my visit to lead worship, an opportunity to meet some of the congregation and also talk about the mission which the church is engaged in. It was a lively session with a very thought provoking group. Please continue to pray for:

  • all who lead worship for our congregations, whether this takes place on a Sunday or another day of the week
  • the discovery of new times and opportunities for worship which creates possibilities for those in the wider community to explore the Christian faith
  • the Synod as we look at ways of encouraging a new generation of those who can be equipped to lead worship within our congregations
  • Bible study groups within our churches, and that more members will feel this can be a vital part of their faith journey and a dynamic part of what it is to be part of a Christian community


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