Moderator's Snapshots

Five Northerly Synods Meeting

Last week the representatives of the five northerly Synods met again (Scotland, Northern, Yorkshire, Mersey, North Western) to continue exploring the ways in which we can work together. We met in the Windemere Centre very conscious that many in Cumbria (including our URC congregation in Cockermouth) were coping with being flooded out. Prior to this the Synod Moderators met to continue our exploration of building relationships between our Synods which enrich our common work.

023 16 Dec 2015

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Macclesfield URC Redevelopment

On Saturday 5th December Macclesfield URC held the opening ceremony for the 3rd and final phase of their redevelopment. The ribbon was cut by the Lord-Lieutenant of Cheshire David Briggs M.B.E, K. St.J. and we were led through to the opening of the redeveloped halls (originally the chapel building, at the start of the site’s history), with an opening speech and then a delightful tea. Appropriately for the nature of the Church one of its first uses will be to host the night shelter work locally. In this season of Advent let us pray for the on-going efforts of all our congregations to make use of our buildings in ways which witness to the coming of Christ in our world.

022 09 Dec 2015

022 09 Dec 2015 2

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URC Synod Moderators meeting in London

The 13 URC Synod Moderators meeting in London (mostly) each month for 2 days seen here in URC Church House on Tavistock Place. Any startled expressions are due to the fact that I sprang up and snapped a picture before they could object. During our regular meetings we consider the movements of ministers within the denomination, a whole range of matters that affect our work within the life of our Synods, and usually have a session with those who have a particular brief for one area of our common life of worship, witness and work. Tomorrow we will spend a session with HR and legal representatives to be briefed on issues that fall within the URC’s MIND processes. And for fellowship most of us are able to go out together to eat in the evening... for me as a new Moderator my first visit to the “Giraffe”. Please pray for us, as we in turn have spent time in prayer for you today.

021 02 Dec 2015

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