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Oasis Academy/Media City

Last Friday I had the privilege to attend an event which both launched a project and a book. Oasis Academy/Media City (Salford), where our SCM Stuart Nixon is involved in a new growing church community connected to the academy, hosted an event to which many leaders from the surrounding community were invited. The Revd Steve Chalke (standing, together with a panel of community leaders and 2 pupils from the Academy – Stuart Nixon on the right), who founded the global work of Oasis, launched his new book “Radical” which explores the way in which we need radically new solutions to forge pathways of peace in the world today. Alongside this was the launch of a new initiative “1000 days of peace”, offering creative peace-making initiatives over the next 1,000 days culminating at the point where we mark the centenary of Armistice Day in 2018. As part of that initiative there is a developing school’s programme which may at some stage result in a GCSE in peace-making studies. Please pray for this initiative – and so many initiatives that our congregations are involved in which seek to bring the message of Christ’s Peace into communities across the Synod.

029 17 Feb 2016

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Liz Cam's Induction at Levenshulme Church-in-Community

Unfortunately I was so carried away with the celebrations at Levenshulme Inspire Church-in-Community and Liz Kam’s induction on Saturday (Liz is hiding in the middle at the back) that I forgot to take the picture when we finished the service. The Saturday afternoon was a lively one with Liz and her family, and friends gathering with the Church and community to mark this new ministry of Liz as a CRCW minister in Levenshulme. The church is vibrant and located in an amazing place to engage with the community. A wonderful tribute was brought from the Noor Mosque immediately opposite, by Mustafa and his 10 month old son, and the mosque provided the curry for the refreshments afterwards – from enormous cooking pots, with one pot holding rice cooked for the 80+ people present – amazing. Please pray for Liz, the Church and the work within the community in Levenshulme – as well as for our 2 other CRCW Ministers Mal Breeze and Alison Talbot in their ministries, and the rich resource we have in our CRCW Ministers (there are only 20 in the whole country – so we are truly blessed in North Western to have 3).

028 10 Feb 2016


Additional photo of the service taken from the Facebook Group CRCWs

028 10 Feb 2016 2


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Ministers' and Lay Preachers’ Winter School

Last weekend it was a pleasure to be involved with the Ministers and Lay Preachers’ Winter School with a good mix of people attending. We met at the Windermere Centre and on the Saturday were able to use Carver Church with its wonderful open space for seating around tables. We had a range of sessions which seemed to dovetail beautifully (although none of us had collaborated). Ann Morisey led 2 sessions on Growing Older Disciples (picture); Lawrence Moore led a Bible study on the texts of Simeon and Anna, and also Good Friday; while I led a couple of sessions on Art and Worship (focus on Lent and Good Friday), and a Communion Service on Friday evening which enabled us to reflectively journey through the whole of Holy Week [as I write this it is one week now until Ash Wednesday]. In addition a whole range of art materials, including clay, were available during Saturday for engaging in some reflection and the creation of art picking up on a focus of “hands”. The fellowship during the weekend was good with plenty of time to eat and talk together. A couple of those present offered to take the lead in organising next year’s Winter School – so do watch out for notice of the dates!

027 03 Feb 2016

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Media Training

Last week I spent a day in London with the two Moderators-elect for General Assembly (Revd Kevin Watson & Mr Alan Yates), the Deputy General Secretary for Discipleship (Richard Church) and another new Moderator (Rev Steve Faber, West Midlands) engaged in media training. It was an intensive day of preparing ourselves for producing a “Thought for the Day” at short notice, a live radio interview (the mics are so large you can hardly see the interviewer across the table), a live TV interview in the studio and then an outside broadcast interview. The day was superbly facilitated by Ali Hutchinson who is an experienced journalist and trainer. Each of these recordings was then played back to the group – with a chance to first offer our own view of how we performed, before peer criticism contributed to our understanding. I discovered (to the mirth of my peers) that when the countdown is given “3 – 2- 1-live” and the interviewer utters the first three syllables of her question that it is best not to collapse sideways and almost fall off the chair! In spite of such things we were all declared fit to be interviewed and would give a good account of the URC in the event.

026 27 Jan 2016

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Coming soon...

Coming soon... the Synod's Moderator, Revd Andrew Mills, will be writing snapshots from his visits around the Synod.AndrewMills

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Chaplaincy Agreement at Lancaster University

On Tuesday I represented our Synod at the signing of the new chaplaincy agreement at Lancaster University. The official signing was followed by an act of worship based on the CTBI materials in this week of Prayer for Christian Unity. As a Synod we have a significant opportunity to share in mission through our involvement in chaplaincy at both Manchester (to approx 80,000 students across 3 universities) and Lancaster (approx 16,000 students). Please pray for the chaplains, and particularly the new chaplaincy structures being implemented at Manchester in the St Peter's House Centre.

025 20 Jan 2016


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Christian Aid/Commitment for Life

Last week I met with Bex Turner (middle) as one of the Manchester regional coordinators for Christian Aid, together with John Griffiths (left) who in a URC volunteer capacity has an advocacy role for Christian Aid/Commitment for Life in the Mersey Synod. For those of you who attended the Big Day Out last year you may have had the opportunity to chat with John as he manned one of the stalls. If you are passionate about seeing Commitment for Life promoted within our North Western Synod I would be pleased to hear from you (please contact Hazel at ). It would be great for our Synod to have an advocate who will help us to strengthen our support and praying for the projects supported in Bangladesh, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, and Zimbabwe.

024 14 Jan 2016 2

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