Mission Council - November 2017

This week (Tuesday – Thursday) our URC Mission Council is meeting at The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick to deliberate on a wide range of issues of concern for us as a denomination. The chaplains to the Moderator of General Assembly led us in our worship as the proper focus for our time together. Within the worship one of the Moderators (Kevin Watson, also Moderator of Yorkshire Synod – on the left in snapshot) commissioned the new head of children’s and youth work development (Dr Sam Richards, centre) and inducted the new secretary for ecumenical and interfaith relations (Rev Philip Brooks, right – formerly a minister in our Central Area).

Please pray for:

  • the leading of the Holy Spirit in the discussion, debate and decisions being carried out through the representatives from each of our Synods
  • the partnership of our congregations across the country as we hold one another in prayer, and rediscover the covenant we share through ministering in Christ’s name
  • the urgent need we have within the North Western Synod for discerning who has the gifts to use in the roles of our next Synod Treasurer and as the convenor of the new Ministries Committee.

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