Age 20-40

in the United Reformed Church

In 2012 a resolotion was passed by the URC Youth Assembly requesting the church explore the churches engagement with younger adults, aged 20-40.

At the General Assembly of the same year a resolution was also past to comission this work. 

Assembly Task Groups

The General Assembly of the United Reformed Church occasionally sets up a task group to research a specific topic which does not easily fall under the remit of any other group.

In 2014, in response to the 2012 General Assembly resolution, Mission Council commissioned a group to explore the issues around younger adults participation in the church.

The 20-40 task group report was received by the 2018 General Assembly. 

You can read the full report here by clicking the report cover.

To help you explore the issues raised in the Assembly Report, Sam Richards, head of Childrens and Youth Work has produced this workbook.

Emerging Church

A selection of well known Christian speakers and leaders assosiated with the Emerging Church movement

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