The URC Children and Youth Development Team have produced a short series of 4 sessions to help young people (year 7 and above) to think about what it means to be a ‘member’.

The material has been written so that it can be delivered by someone in the local church or, if preferred, Leo can deliver it.

Each session lasts between 45-60 minutes.

If you are thinking about challenging your young people to consider membership, these sessions are a great way to start.

We are all members of different groups – some we chose for ourselves and some we have no choice about whatsoever.

Similarly, some young people have ‘grown up’ in the church attending with their family, so in some sense had no choice in the matter at first. Others have come to church through links with youth organisations. Whilst some young people make a conscious decision to go to church when they are older to explore their faith.

However you come to be part of a church it’s always good to be challenged on our faith journey to think about our commitment to our faith, and a particular congregation, and consider what membership of a particular group might mean for us.

This short course is intended to help young people to think through the particular challenges of what it means for them to be a member of the United Reformed Church.

The sessions are structured around the three B’s:

Believe | Behave | Belong

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