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Dear Friends,

Thanks to our global link partners, the Chaiyi Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.  We have received a gift of 10,000 face masks.  This is a very generous gift that cements our relationship with the Chaiyi Presbytery.

We will shortly be sending each church a gift of face masks for your use.  Please use them as you feel appropriate. I’m sure many of you would be able to make use of many more for use by your congregation or, in particular, where you support activities in your local community to help with them. If you would like additional Masks please contact either Kerry, (office@nwsynod.org.uk) or myself (clerk@nwsynod.org.uk) with details of how many you could use.

Mike Hart

Synod Treasurer & Interim Synod Clerk

United Reformed Church North Western Synod

07519 124846



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