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A lot of us closed our Church doors as directed by the Government and URC back in March and have been wondering ever since when we will reopen and what it will look like for churches.

Synod have provided lots of useful information during this time and have kept us up to date, but now it is our turn as individual churches to print those documents, complete the Risk Assessments (RA) https://nwsynod.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/URC_Risk_Assessment_Template_Updated-1.pdf and take steps to open our doors once again.
I have joined the NW Synod team to assist the Synod Trust in relation to reopening churches.

I will collate all the RA you send through so we can keep up to date on how many churches are open, what you are open for and when you intend to reopen.

I will respond to any individual queries you may have and if there needs to be a wider communication, I can liaise with Synod Officers to provide any guidance required.

I am currently church secretary and in the process of working with the Elders on completing the RA and taking practical steps to reopen our church so I am aware of some of the issues that face us – though I am sure you will have some queries that are new to me!

I can be contacted via email information@nwsynod.org.uk working part time between Monday and Thursdays.
Tracey Booth



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