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New information has been added to the Coronavirus Advice page, https://urc.org.uk/coronavirus.html

There is some confusion as to which aspects of Church life are impacted by the new ‘rule of 6’ within England. It is clear that voluntary and charitable organisations are exempt. This means that meetings and activities of church life too are exempt from this as long as they take place in a COVID Secure building with appropriate social distancing. So not only may worship continue, but also the various meetings of church life that help keep our work going, including Elders’ and Church Meetings.

Many churches may find that the requirements of a COVID secure building, and the desire of people to be cautious mean that church meetings might best continue virtually. Click on this link to the government guidance on meeting together safely. You will notice that many of the activities that might normally take place in our buildings, in terms of groups we let space to, are also exempt and therefore lettings to such groups can continue where the building is COVID Secure and their activity compliant with relevant legislation and guidance.


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