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South Area – Missional Partnership Support                          

What’s on?


  • Discerning the way workshop, Thursday 8 October, we will be discussing working together with God? 2.00pm repeated 7.30 pm
  • Mission Wise Workshop, Thursdays 29th, we will be exploring together the mission imperative to teach about Jesus 2.00 pm repeated 7.30pm
  • Grant Funding – looking for grant money, need support in describing your project, determining a budget, putting a bid together, working with partners, drop in surgery Tuesday 13 October 6.30 pm


  • Mission Wise Workshop. Thursday 5th November , we will be discussing  how  we put  into   practise  the  mission  imperative  to  tend  and  care for  the  marginalised  2.00pm repeated at 7.30 pm
  • Mission Wise Workshop. Tuesday 10th November, we will explore how a radical focus on kingdom can and does transform communities 2.00pm repeated at 7.30 pm
  • Thinking the Unthinkable workshop Saturday 14th November , exploring how we might do church differently, with buildings, without buildings.10am -12 noon repeated 2.00-4.00pm
  • Mission Wise Workshop, Tuesday 24 November, exploring together how we might as local churches treasure our environment. 10am -12 noon repeated 2.00-4.00pm
  • Zoom Advent Retreat Saturday 28th November, a time of reflection, bible study, and worship 10:00am 12.00 noon, repeated 2.00-4.00pm



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