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The season of Creation-tide, also known as the Season Of Creation, has its origins in the Eastern Orthodox Church which in 1989 declared September 1st as a day of prayer for creation. Over the following decades, as awareness of the present ecological challenges facing our world grew, this single day of prayer developed into a liturgical season running from September 1st to October 4th, the feast day of St Francis of Assisi (the patriot Saint of Ecology). This season of Creation-tide has been embraced ecumenically and Christians around the world are encouraged to pray for, and care for, God’s good creation. This is also when we celebrate Climate Sunday & Harvest services in our churches.

With this in mind, podcasts were created, based on the Scripture reading: Stand firm and be deeply rooted in love. (Eph.3:17). Ten minute meditations (mindfulness, scripture and prayer) to stop, breathe and make a space. To be “rooted” in nature, in God’s love and in the here and now.

These podcasts are designed and produced by Rev Daleen ten Cate (Missional Discipleship Mentor and Green Apostle for the NW Synod, Claire Maxwell (Moravian) and Christine Goddard

Methodist. They net and studied Theology at Luther King House, Manchester and have enjoyed being reunited whilst making this.

Session 2 is now available: Creation and Reflection Please find the podcast link:  https://anchor.fm/rooted-together or on the NW Synod Eco webpage. We will release one podcast per week during the next month. These podcast can be used during zoom coffee mornings, your daily devotion, on your daily walk etc.




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