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Praying for our Planet is a series of webinars to be organised jointly by Greater Manchester Churches Together and Bramhall Methodist Church (as part of its “Climate year”). They will also be promoted nationally by the Joint Public Issues Team of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church. They will build on an earlier series of five seminars, “Science and the Language of Prayer” held in Bramhall in 2019 (see below for more detail).

Each webinar will focus on a different aspect of the current climate and ecological emergency. It will be delivered by a Christian who is a climate, ecological or environmental scientist who will give an overview of their area of scientific interest and then a further, briefer talk about how their science affects the way they pray (what they pray for, how they express their prayers etc). After this the speaker will be joined by a local church leader for a period of discussion of the issues raised.

The outputs of the webinars will be used to provide resources for a series of short daily prayer services during Greater Manchester Churches Together Week of Prayer for the Planet during Creationtide (27th September – 3rd October). Churches across Greater Manchester will be offered the opportunity to join in streamed services on each successive evening from a range of locations or to use the published resources to plan their own events. There will be a specific focus on seeking prayerful guidance on how we, as individuals and a Christian community, can respond to the emerging science through personal and communal practical and political action.

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