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We’re back in action and will be inviting you to participate in shaping the work of the Synod, to better support local churches. Some of you may remember that in January 2021, we suspended the work of the Facilitation Group that was set up by the October/November 2020 Synod meeting. We are now delighted to tell you that NW Synod Executive agreed that the Facilitation Group should continue its work of seeking the views of as many groups in the church as possible about the future work of the Synod.  The Executive Committee has asked Revd Elizabeth Gray King, who is the new Synod Pastor, to join the group and help us with our work.   The group will have representation from all 11 of our Missional Partnerships, children and youth, and a mix of lay people and ministers.  This information is simply letting you know that we’re planning and then we’ll be back in touch with all the ways you can be involved in shaping our Synod.

Blessings to you as you wait, and please keep us in your prayers for our planning.

Lesley Husselbee, Facilitation group convenor, Mike Walsh, Facilitation group secretary, Elizabeth Gray-King, Synod Pastor



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