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One thing is becoming clearer to nearly everyone by the day: in the post-pandemic “new normal” (whatever precise form that takes), the churches that will be best placed to respond as creatively, effectively, and faithfully as possible will be churches that embrace a hybrid mode of operating.

I’m talking, of course, about a mixture of online and onsite participation in church life.  And to be clear, I’m using “hybrid” to signal full and equal access in all areas of church life, whether one participates online or meets onsite.  It’s the way to ensure maximum inclusion and participation.  It also makes possible outreach and contact with people for whom onsite church simply doesn’t work, as some really interesting new research has uncovered (more of that in September!).

How we go about developing, resourcing and rolling out hybrid church is something I want us to explore systematically and intentionally in September.  In the meantime, start by visiting https://www.premierdigital.info/charter.  And keep a look out for further announcements in the Autumn!

Lawrence Moore


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