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Church House is compiling a book, to be published jointly with the Congregational Federation to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2022.

The planning group is looking for positive reflections and stories of encouragement from any time in the last 50 years with an eye to our future too.

All contributions are welcome:  for example, a memory from the time of the denomination being created;  how you have worshipped and served in a local URC or CF church;  projects that have been done ecumenically;  your hopes for the future;  photographs from the last 50 years with a caption;  a prayer about our past, present and future.

The style should be non-academic and in everyday language.   All submissions should be sent by email or by post with permission obtained from those included in photos if necessary.   Along with your contribution, please provide your name, the churches and/or roles where you have served, along with your Area or Synod.The deadline for submissions is 10th September and they can be made by email to andy.jackson@urc.gov.uk or by post to Andy Jackson, The United Reformed Church, Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RT.   Please get in touch with Andy if you have any questions about this request.

Watch the video here  to see how we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2022.





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