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Lawrence Heath-Moore and Kevin Snyman (the Programme Officer for the URC’s Commitment for Life and Global and Intercultural Ministries) have spent the past three days turning an empty shell of a room into a fully equipped filming and recording studio in the NW Synod office.  Kevin, who has made several series of films for the URC, acted as the technical consultant for the project.

The studio was originally the brainchild of Leo Roberts (the Children & Youth Development Officer) when the new offices were being planned.  Leo saw the opportunities for including a studio for recording podcasts, which have grown in popularity over the pandemic.  When Lawrence was appointed in June this year, expanding that original vision to include filming capabilities made clear sense, given the Synod’s prior investment in the SlingStudio filming and livestreaming hardware.

“Claire (MacIntyre) has done a tremendous job of chasing suppliers for the equipment with the post-Brexit disruption to supply chains.   It’s taken a while to bring the vision to fruition,” said Lawrence, “but it’s been well worth the wait!  The Synod has provided the churches with an amazing resource.  I’m looking forward to seeing the worship material, podcasts, films and other resources they’ll dream up and produce!”

The studio is one of the flagship resources for churches that the new offices have made possible.  The Synod has been clear from the outset that the studio and equipment is an investment in the local churches that make up the Missional Partnerships.  Churches will be able to book the studio and equipment for their own use, or book the services of Lawrence and other staff to do the filming and production for them.

Kevin, whose work has made him very familiar with the URC’s Synod offices, is very excited by the development.  “This is an amazing resource for the churches!” he enthuised.  “It’s absolutely timely and fitting for whatever emerges as the “new normal”.  I also think it’s a great resource and example for the wider church.  The North Western Synod is doing pioneering work in equipping churches to respond to the post-lockdown reality and the development of hybrid church – which we know is where the future lies!”

All that remains now is to do the acoustic tiling, and the studio will be able to handle whatever is asked of it!  Start planning how you might be able to use this new resource!


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