The Synod’s World Church group met last week at the new Synod Office.  We were joined on Zoom by 5 pastors from the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT) including Yao Yio who visited our Synod in 2019 and Stephan Huang and Ben Wu who were involved in the organisation of the Youth Exchange with Taiwan.  The link worked extremely well with the use of the large TV screen and the microphone.

It  is hoped that a minister from the North Western Synod will be able to visit the Taiwanese ministers summer school in 2023.  We asked them to consider planting a tree to celebrate the URC’s 50th anniversary. They have agreed to send a video to the Synod’s celebration event .  It was interesting to learn about the PCT’s link with Christians in Japan.

They asked us to pray for their situation because of the threat from China.

The group are looking for people to join them and progress the Synod’s link with our Global partner in Taiwan as well as with the Waldensian Church.  Zoom has opened up so many opportunities for connecting with different  parts of the world.

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