At our Synod Meeting on Saturday 19th March 2022, North Western Synod’s ‘relay’ began.

Assembly Moderator Revd Clare Downing presented each of the four areas with a symbolic object and a scrapbook, asking them to enable both items to travel around their Areas before returning to our Autumn Synod.

A spade went to Lancashire, a cross to Cumbria, a cup to South Area and a bowl to Central Area.   It is hoped that each church which receives one of these objects on their travels will be able to incorporate it into their fellowship and record whatever they do with it with pictures and words, in the scrapbook.

Planting seeds with the spade;  praying with the cross;  placing objects in the bowl; celebrating with the cup … .so many potential ways of incorporating these objects into church life.

Autumn Synod looks forward to sharing the way in which these symbols have been used as we remember, celebrate and challenge ourselves as we mark 50 years of the United Reformed Church in the North West.

We hope, when your object arrives at your Church, your fellowship will celebrate our denominational and ecumenical life together.

Special thanks go to Andy Littlejohn’s, CRCW at Chorley URC, who skillfully crafted these objects.


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