Remember the evening on Zoom spent exploring the Sheffield Team model of ministry on 26 November last year?  Revd Jamie Kissack, the Yorkshire Synod Moderator, and the members of the Sheffield Team talked us through how it works for them as ministers, and how it works for the Sheffield group of churches.  We explored it because its the nearest example of a Missional Partnership-like set up, it has been going for some time, and it really works.

The good news is that we’re gearing up for round two in the near future – this time with a team of lay people from Sheffield.

Round two!

The most memorable takeaway from the event last year was that neither the Sheffield ministers nor the churches would go back to the “traditional” model of ministry.  That was particularly surprising, given that two of the Sheffield ministers had come from a single church pastorate (on the one hand) and that the consensus of the churches was that they experienced more ministry through the Team model, rather than less (on the other).

The request from many of the lay members of the Missional Partnership Steering Groups was that we ask Sheffield for a follow-up evening, this time specifically for lay people.  It came from most of the Partnerships.

I’m very glad to report that the request has been enthusiastically received, and that the Team is identifying a group of lay people and a date for round two.

Looking ahead

Keep an eye to here for further details.  In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already – or if you’d like to do so again – have a look at the video recording of the meeting last November.  You’ll find it here:  If you do nothing else, listen to Jamie Kissack’s introduction at the very outset of the recording (ie the first 3:30 mins): it’s important to stress that the Sheffield Model is offered as an example of team ministry over a geographical area that works, and as an aid to helping us work out for ourselves how we might construct a model (or models) that work for us.

Lawrence Moore, Mission Mentor (Central Area)


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