If you haven’t realised just what a resource you have in the Synod’s Mentor Team, have a look at this video! (https://youtu.be/R225_FpAOA4). We have four Mission & Discipleship Mentors working in each of the Synod’s four Areas.  They are Revd Daleen ten Cate (Lancashire), Revd Alistair Smeaton (Cumbria), Liz Delafield (South) and Lawrence Heath-Moore (Central).  We also have Revd Dr Rob Hoch, the Synod’s Training & Learning Mentor.

As well as the skillset required for their posts, each Mentor also brings particular areas of experience, expertise and training.  You are welcome to contact any of them if they are able to support you in your discipleship and mission.

The best way to start the conversation is to contact them via email:

daleen.tencate@nwsynod.org.uk (Daleen)

alistair.smeaton@nwsynod.org.uk (Alistair)

liz.delafield@nwsynod.org.uk (Liz)

lawrence.moore@nwsynod.org.uk (Lawrence)

learningmentor@nwsynod.org.uk (Rob)

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