Before I arrived in Taiwan I asked myself: How am I going to live out the Gospel with six words that includes three languages? In my prayers I was reminded of St Francis’ words: “Preach the gospel always, if need be, use words”. In my role of Mission Discipleship Mentor, “words” and “doing” are very important but I knew, for this visit, “being” would be more important. I found myself listening, observing, learning and receiving so much love and care. I was encouraged by their generous hearts, their hospitality, and their courage to tackle all the challenges in their country. Their hunger to learn, grow and live out, the five marks of mission; tell, teach, tend, transform and treasure, will always stay with me.

We shared  wonderful meals, coffees, and traditional teas and through Google translate  (I did introduce them to Ecosia)  and many “earth angels” that translated for me, Yao- Yi, Carrie, Kelly, Anna, Ann, Le Hun, Nancy and Lin Kuang, Chun-Yang and Hsu yu-ting, we had deep and meaningful conversations.

Chiyia Presbytery organised a varied and inspiring programme for me. Visiting the Retreat Centre, Hotsprings, the Alishan Mountains, two First nation churches and their community projects, a farm, two hospitals, the Tainan Theological College, the PCT Press, the Wenhua-lu Night market, Huamei Conservation area, two universities, the Central Conference Office, the National Palace Museum, Ministers Summer School, Church Bazaar, Youth Character Camp and eight different churches, gave me the opportunity to learn as much as I could in a short time span.  Looking back, I realised that I engaged with my South African roots on themes such ac colonialism, my farming background and growing up with different cultures and tribes, the church’s emphasis on the first two marks of mission etc.

It was a privilege to pray, sing, talk, laugh, play and worship alongside the beautiful, kind and generous people of Taiwan. I will be for ever grateful to the North West Synod, the Global & Intercultural Ministries of the URC and for the EM3 funding, that enabled me to experience this visit. Serving on the World Church Committee for the last 9 years enriched my ministry on many levels.

To learn more about my visit, please join the World Committee and the  Chiayi Presbytery on the 4th July 2024 at 11am (UK time) on zoom for my reflection:

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