A Church with People at the Margins

At the Synod Meeting on Saturday, we agreed to adopt the strategy document, “A Church with People at the Margins: A Strategy for Mission and Ministry” to guide the future life of this Synod. The strategy asks questions of all of us about how we use our resources to r work with those who are marginalised or poverty experienced. We are pleased to share this strategy (attached) with you for reflection and action in your local context.

For the Synod, a central part of the strategy is about how we use resources to support local churches in this work. Rightly, there is a particular focus on those located in the most deprived parts of our synod area, but equally there is a commitment to support all our churches in listening to those who are poverty experienced and working with local communities to provide all people with Dignity, Agency, and Power.

The statements on page 5 of the strategy summarise the characteristics we want to encourage all churches to display in their mission and ministry in their local communities. We have committed to supporting churches in this task and also to develop a number of strategic partnerships to help us demonstrate our commitment to this agenda as a Synod and to help local churches in this task.

If you have any questions or contributions to the development of our support to local churches, please contact Mike Hart.

We hope you find the strategy and the support we will put in place helpful in your mission and ministry.

Our priority
is God’s mission

the strong should help the weak

we belong to each other
under God

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