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Courses and Workshops for those working with children in our churches

Pilots for your church?

Pilots works in many different situations – with children and young people who are part of the church family, and with those who aren’t. It is an opportunity for local churches to engage in mission in a meaningful way with children and young people. It is a...

New Church Award

The Children and Youth Friendly Church replaces the former Child Friendly Church Award as of July 2020.  If you are a church congregation wanting to continuously develop your welcome and open your doors to all ages and stages, the Children and Youth  Friendly Church...

Core Skills Training

Core Skills is a series of standalone sessions which look at the basic skills required for working with children in a faith context No previous experience of children’s work is needed and the course is suitable for anyone working with children in the church. Core...

Faith with under 5s

When do you start talking about faith with your children? The answer is probably “When we think they’re old enough to understand” but can we engage with them earlier? The answer to that is, of course, “yes”. When do you start talking about faith with your children?...


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