Synod Consultation 2021/22

how do we want OUR Synod to be?
What has your church, community, or Missional Partnership done differently during the pandemic of which you are proud?
Of all of your church related activity for as long as you remember, what single thing do you want to treasure and renew in your future activities with your church, community, or Missional Partnership?

Number of responses recieved by each area


Cumbria 4

Lancashire Area

Lancashire North 2 Lancashire East 10 Lancashire South 0 Lancashire West 24


Bolton & Salford 2 Rochdale, Bury, & North Manchester 16 Oldham & Tameside 16


Manchester South 10 Greater Manchester South & Cheshire 30 Cheshire East & Derbyshire 2

a further 8 responses with area unknown

Organised by principles and values – sharing the things which are most important to us and make ‘us’ who we are.
Discipleship Activities
Bible Study
Children and Young People
Pastoral Care
Organised by ideas and practicalities – sharing the things which work, which doesnt, and ideas of what could be.
Use of Technology
Styles of Worship
Missional Partnerships
Struggling Churches

Everyone’s Invited!

This is your chance to join the big conversation to shape the future of our Synod. Whether you are reporting back from discussion in a meeting, sharing thoughts from friends over coffee, or simply sharing your own experience – we want to hear from you!


It’s completely up to you. If its important to you, it may be important to others – or even all of us! So whatever’s on your mind, possitive or not, now’s the chance to share.

Contact the Facilitation Group Directly

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Background Information: if you’d like to know more, then read on

Click below to read the October 2020 resolution, find your facilitation group rep, and read an intro letter from the group convenor

Facilitation Resolution

from the Synod Meeting of October 2020

Facilitation Group

a list of all the members of the facilitation group from across the whole Synod

Introductory Letter

A letter from our Facilitation Group Convenor, the Rev’d Dr Lesley Husselbee

Our priority
is God’s mission

the strong should help the weak

we belong to each other
under God

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