Synod Executive Committee

a strategic overview of the life of the Synod

The Synod Executive Committee usually meets four or five times a year, and has a strategic role in drawing together the work of the various Synod Committees, preparing the Synod meetings, and monitoring the work of the Synod.

Its membership is: Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Property Consultant, the Synod’s Representative on the central URC Mission Committee, the Convener and Vice Chair of the Resources Committee, and the Conveners (or other representatives) of Ministries Committee, Synod Pastoral Committee, Mission & Discipleship Committee, Communications Committee, and the four Area Pastoral Committees.

Functions of the Synod Executive Committee


  • Ensuring the good ordering of the affairs of the Synod in the interests of the mission of the church
  • Appointing the conveners of Synod committees
  • Exercising overall responsibility for the appointment and employment of Synod staff (though legal responsibility now lies with the Trust Management Committee)
  • Appointing sub-groups to advise or to authorise the Synod officers to act on personnel matters (including grievance procedures), Synod venues and preparation, appeals, discipline, nominations, etc. and appointing task groups to carry out specific pieces of work on its behalf
  • Ensuring good communication within the Synod including the Synod website and weekly newsletter
  • Receiving and dealing with matters sent for the Synod’s attention by Area Meetings, local churches, General Assembly or Mission Council
  • Keeping policies and procedures under review


Synod Executive Terms of Reference

Synod Officers

Rev'd Clare Downing

Rev'd Clare Downing


0161 769 1122


Tim Hopley

Tim Hopley


07880 921 410


Claire MacIntyre

Claire MacIntyre

Deputy Clerk

07553 743 262


Our priority
is God’s mission

the strong should help the weak

we belong to each other
under God

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