Global Partners

belonging to the world church

The Global Partners Programme 

In 1999 the General Assembly recommended that every Synod should have an active partnership with Reformed Church partners across the world, one European and one Global.

In the North Western Synod, due to many existing links and relationships, our partners are The Waldensian Church in Northern Italy, and The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

Alongside these two partnerships is our membership of The Council for World Mission – CWM, a worldwide partnership of 32 member churches – committed to sharing our resources of money, people, skills and insights globally, to best carry out God’s mission locally.

The Waldensian Church

Est. 1170

Council for World Mission

Est. 1977

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Est. 1865

Why is being part of the world church important?

A Global Church?

With our lives increasingly interconnected with people across the globe, through migration, our economies, and the world wide web – our interdependence has never been clearer. Yet the world feels divided and apart.

A fragmented world needs a united church.  

Direction of travel?

We are not alone! Many churches in the western world are experiencing numerical decline and rapid social change, yet churches in less developed nations continue to thrive. Whatever our circumstances, global partnerships help us learn from eachother – our successes and our mistakes!

A church navigating its way does better with friends. 

Issues of Justice?

Injustic abounds, and solidarity can sometimes mean more than cash, at other times sharing our material wealth can transform and save lives. Our partnerships often focus on shares issues of justice and peace, challenging todays injustice and healing historic wrongs. 

A church of the poor, for the poor?


It's good to talk!

For all of the abouve and much, much more – we need to build relationships with others and love our global neighbours as ourselves, for Christ’s sake. 

Our priority
is God’s mission

the strong should help the weak

we belong to each other
under God

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