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Lancashire Area

The North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church

Welcome to Lancashire Area

Lancashire North Missional Partnership

Welcome to Lancashire Area

Lancashire East Missional Partnership

Welcome to Lancashire Area

Lancashire South Missional Partnership

Welcome to Lancashire Area

Lancashire West Missional Partnership

News, Events, and Calendar

Training, workshops, prayer days, retreats, social events, and more …

Area Pastoral Committee

Has oversight of all 36 local churches, and supports them in their maintenance and ministry

Missional Partnerships

Churches grouped together to share Discipleship, Mission, and Ministry in their local communities

Lancashire Area Officers – We’re here to help YOU!

For support and training in all aspects of Mission and Discipleship contact our Lancashire Area Mission Mentor, Daleen.

For practical information and pastoral support, contact the Convenor of our Area Pastoral Committee.

For financial assistance, contact our Area Finance Officer, Gordon Bell.

Rev’d Daleen ten Cate is the Mission Mentor for Central Area, working with local churches to help resource them for Ministry, Mission, and Discipleship.

Contact Daleen

Dr. Michael Pickles is Convenor of South Area Pastoral Committee

Contact Michael

Mr Gordon Bell is Area Finance Officer.

Contact Gordon

Map of Lancashire Area, showing the approximate boundaries between the four Missional Partnerships and the location of the local churches

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