Living Stones for a Living Church

Living Stones for a Living Church

In many communities, buildings which can act as a hub for community life are at a premium. Perhaps most importantly, this has impacted on places where people can simply come together to meet with friends or to access community based support and advice services. A consequence of this is growing issues of social isolation. Similarly, local community groups find it increasingly difficult to find affordable places to meet or to work from.

Often local churches are one of the few, if not the only, place in particular communities which could offer a space to respond to these and broader community needs, for example around affordable housing and homelessness.

Recently, the Synod was asked to lead a meeting of the URC’s Church Buildings Forum looking at how churches could make better use of their buildings to respond to the needs of local communities. The video below draws on the experience of four churches in this Synod who explore the motivations and benefits of using their buildings to respond to needs in their local communities.

We hope it may provide you with some inspiration about how your buildings could be adapted to respond to needs in your local community.

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