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Missional Discipleship

Following Jesus – in the four Gospels

The Stories of Jesus and the Disciples

The four New Testament stories we have of Jesus, our Gospels, were written to call the readers to follow and Walk the Way. In Mark’s gospel, our oldest gospel, the very first words that we overhear Jesus speak are “Follow me” (Mark 1 v 17). Everything about Jesus – his mission, his teaching, his significance – unfolds within the framework of the journey that Jesus is about to undertake – and we are invited to join him on the road as his Disciples today!

the Gospel according to
Mark, the earliest Gospel, is raw and energetic!

In Mark, following Jesus means courageously standing up to the most powerful forces that are trying to shut down every attempt to make our world more like the Kingdom Jesus proclaimed.

Mark’s Gospel comes with a very real risk!

the Gospel according to

Matthew’s Gospel comes with a very real risk!

Matthew’s Gospel has themes of faithfulness and commitment in times of difficulty, of following Jesus even when it leads to difficulties in our way of living. Following Jesus will not just put us in conflict with the rich and powerful – it may put us at odds with our family, friends, and neighbours.

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Luke is a Gospel of love, compassion and acceptance.

Luke is a Gospel of compassion, acceptance, and extravagant welcome – especially for the most marginalised, ignored, and oppressed. Following Jesus will challenge assumptions of who’s in and who’s out, our values and our prejudice – and lead us to an expansive vision of the Kingdom of God.

the Gospel according to

John’s Gospel is about life, in all its fullness!

John wants to tell us how utterly transformative becoming a disciple of Jesus is! The old becomes new, what is impossible becomes possible, and what is dead bursts back to life! Following Jesus transforms our very experience of life, to live and abundant life in all its fullness.

Mark for Missional Disciples

Mark for Missional Disciples is a fresh translation by Lawrence Moore that has been creatively designed by Mike Walsh to be a “discipleship manual for the road” – which is what Mark intended it to be for his readers. We hope that encountering Mark’s message afresh inspires your own discipleship and ministry. You are free to use the text and images in any ways you wish. 

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