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Talking NW Synod podcast: Let’s End Poverty Campaign

In this occasional NW Synod podcast, Lawrence Heath-Moore sits down with Niall Cooper, Executive Director of Church Action on Poverty, and Mike Hart, the Synod’s Transformation Director, to talk about the Let’s End Poverty campaign. It’s a broad-based campaign to...

Working with your Mentor

it all starts with


either as a Partnership, Local Church, or Individual Member

then ...

Make contact with your Mentor

by phone, text, e-mail, smoke signal …

arrange to have a brief discussion


about what’s is needed or hoped for

meet with the

Elders or Church Meeting

to agree how your Mentor will support you

start to work together on how to be more


as a church, community, or members


What you have accomplished

over the Mentoring period

During the Covid19 restrictions the mentors are offering a variety of on-line and telephone support to the changing needs of our churches at this time

We hope, as soon as it is safe to do so,
to restart our delivery of face-to-face support for churches

For up-to-date information, please contact your Mentor 

Mission-Shaped Menu

Jesus-Shaped Mission

Mission with

Discovering Our Mission

Mission is the out-working of our discipleship, serving our communities, making a difference for Christ’s sake.

An exploration to discover what your church’s mission may be. 

Better Together

Community Links

Exploring techniques to develop community links – a practical guide to developing effective local partnerships.

'I was hungry and ...'

Food Poverty

A session exploring different models of community food-aid and how to make it a whole church initiative.

A session both for churches with existing schemes, and those wanting to explore it.

Mission-Shaped Resources

'Where our treasure is ...'

‘Where our treasure is …’

A session for elders and treasurers exploring what the bible says and doesn’t say about being good stewards.

Mission-shaped Buildings

Mission-shaped Buildings

Mission Resource vs a Drain on Resources; exploring alternative uses for our buildings, and building relationships withthose who use them.

Mission-shaped Finances

Mission-shaped Finances

Developing mission-shaped financial planning for your local church.

Mission-Shaped Witness

Mission-shaped Communication

Mission-shaped Communication

Developing a culture of “talking about Jesus”, not jumble sales!

Making 'Messy Church' Even Messier

Messy Church

For churches and leaders who already deliver messy church, this session is about advancing your messy church session with new ideas and practise.

Doing things differently

Doing things differently

Refocusing all areas of church life (pastoral, preaching, worship, social, community involvement) from a survivalist strategy to mission.

Exploring new forms of church: Fresh Expressions and Pioneering Ministry.

Mission-Shaped Ministry

It just works

It just works

Exploring initiatives within the reach of most local churches that make a significant difference.

Congregational Development

Congregational Development

Mentors working with local churches on:

Missional Discipleship: What is it?

Renewing Covenant; Learning to Trust; Investing in Change; We are God’s answer.

Developing Local Ministry

Developing Local Ministry

Discovering our spiritual gifts and putting them at the disposal of the local church; developing local ministry teams, and inclusive decision-making for churches.

Mission-Shaped Care

Missional Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

How might we organise pastoral care so it is not reliant on a minister visiting?

An oportunity to learn from different churches on how they do pastoral work.

Serving an Elderly Congregation

Serving an Elderly Congregation

Exploring being an intentional community where older peoples spiritual needs are addressed.

Doing Hard Funerals

Doing Hard Funerals

A session for Synod Approved leaders of funerals, exploring how to manage difficult family situations and distressing deaths.

Mission-Shaped Basics

Renewing Life & Worship

Renewing Life & Worship

Exploring; Preaching, Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, and Spiritual Development.

Reviewing Ministry & Mission

Reviewing Ministry & Mission

Exploring the regular mission and ministry of local churches through a Missional Discipleship lens.

Other workshop topics include …

If you have a different need or topic in mind, contact you Mission and Disciplship Mentor to discuss your ideas. 

Check out your Area Page for the latest courses, workshops, retreats, and celebrations near you!


a course for everyone wanting to play their part in the life of their local church

Elders Training

A course by the United Reformed Church to refresh Elders, old and new

Retreats and Prayer Days

Organised by your Mission Mentor throughout the year

Area Celebrations

for food and a chance to make friends and contacts accross your Area

Worship Workshops

be inspired and equipped to try new styles of worship in your local church

Mission and Discipleship Mentors

Meet the team – we’re here to help you!

What is Missional Discipleship?

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We are

Jesus-shaped churches

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