Missional Discipleship

Jesus-shaped churches, full of Jesus-shaped people, making a Jesus-shaped difference

What is Missional Discipleship?

The Church is not an institution, it is a community of disciples, people like you and me, who follow Jesus and are engaged in his mission of transforming the world into the Kingdom of God.

Missional Discipleship is a process of deepening our discipleship and engaging more faithfully in mission: becoming more recognisably like Jesus as individuals and as a church, and making a Jesus-shaped difference in the lives of the people and communities around us.

Missional Discipleship is a process of exploring and deepening close, intentional following of Jesus – Discipleship and wholehearted participation in God’s work of transforming this world into what Jesus called the Kingdom of God – Mission.

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What have we discovered together?



Missional Discipleship is about rediscovering ministry and mission in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is a process of renewal, refreshment and resourcing for mission that is sustained by each member playing their part in Spirit-enabled ministry, creating mission communities of disciples that are making a Jesus-shaped difference in their communities.

A Process not a Programme

Missional Discipleship is about churches being what they are meant to be – recognisably like Jesus – rather than something different. For this reason, mission and  discipleship  is a process rather than a programme. It’s a process of engagement with the key areas of Christian life and faith: 

Reconnecting with Jesus

Missional Discipleship is the process of helping to reconnect local churches and the life of the Synod with Jesus on the assumption that Jesus-shaped churches are faithful to their calling and significantly more credible and effective through being recognisably like Jesus.

Sound familiar?

If it sounds like, “But I thought this was only what churches were meant to be, anyway”, then you’re exactly right!

We are

Jesus-shaped churches

full of

Jesus-shaped people

making a

Jesus-shaped difference

to the lives of our communities

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