Policy Documents

Policy Documents - Z - Appendix

{slider 1 – Appendix - NW Synod Risk Management Review|open}






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Policy Documents (Introduction)

Here you can find the complete set of policy documents for the North Western Synod.

You can view them with your web-browser using the on-screen menu, or download them as individual PDFs or as a single download.

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Policy Documents - B - Ministerial Vacancies

{slider 1 The Movement of Ordained Ministers|closed}

{slider 2 Minister's Personal Profile}

{slider 3 Pastorate Profiles}

{slider 4 Stipendiary Ministers Terms of Settlement}

{slider 5 Non-stipendiary Ministers}

{slider 6 Ordination of Ministers}

{slider 7 Induction of Ministers}

{slider 8 Schedule}

{slider 9 Preparing for Ordination Induction Service}





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Policy Documents - A - Ministers

{slider 1 Applying for Ministry|closed}

{slider 2 The Plan for Partnership}

{slider 3 Education for Ministry Phases 2 and 3}

{slider 4 Lay Preaching}

{slider 5 The Role of the Retired Minister in the Local Church}

{slider 6 Presidency at the Sacraments}

{slider 7 Local Ministry and Mission Review}





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Policy Documents - C - Finance

{slider 1 Wages and Property Charges|closed}

{slider 2 Trading and Tax}

{slider 3 VAT}

{slider 4 Expenses Claim Form}

{slider 5 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses}

{slider 6 Ministry and Mission Fund Assesment Scheme}





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