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Central Area Retired Ministers and Spouses' Meeting

This week I enjoyed a delightful post-Easter gathering with some of the retired ministers and spouses in the Central Area, organised by Kath Lonsdale, at St George’s and St Andrew’s URC in Bolton together with our new Central Area Pastoral Committee Convener Revd Nigel Adkinson. The Revd Andrew Lonsdale joined us and gave an inspiring account of the sabbatical he and Kath shared a few years ago, generously illustrated through the use of photographs in a PowerPoint presentation. Their sabbatical took them to many famous pilgrimage destinations which provided an enriching experience and gave them much to reflect on and, in turn, to be refreshed by through their travels. We all know how easy it is to be a church of “doing” and lose sight of our “being” as Christians and as a journeying People of God – and Andrew’s sabbatical reflections gave us insight into how the very different forms of Christian spirituality all contained the capacity to aid a recovery of that “being”.

Please pray for:

our continuing renewal as a people who are called to be disciples of a risen Christ

the great variety of ministries which we are given “so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12) and the development of the breadth of these ministries within the North Western Synod

all who in retirement continue to faithfully bear the light of Christ in their lives and to their communities, and who at times themselves need to be carried by the company of God’s People.

the United Reformed Church that it may balance our call to “doing” with a deepening sense of our “being” in Christ

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