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Missional Discipleship Roadshows - Lancashire Area

“Who do you say I am?” Jesus asks his disciples. That question still lies at the core of our understanding of discipleship and our participation in the mission of God. Last week our new Synod Mission and Discipleship Team (Lawrence Moore as consultant, Dave Fraser for South Area, and Darren Holland for Central Area) presented 2 more meetings in our series of roadshows around the Synod to look at our focus as a Synod on Missional Discipleship.

Following interviews yesterday, we hope to be able to announce very soon the name of the new Mission and Discipleship Mentor for Lancashire Area – and we will be delighted that together with part of Sarah Moore’s time in Cumbria Area we will have a full Team working across the Synod.

The snapshot is of the evening gathering at Bispham URC with many of the Lancashire Area churches represented. Darren is in the middle of our reflection on various images of Jesus – from the anaemic Jesus painted with cute animals clustered round him, to the more harrowing and darker painting of Jesus straining away from the cross. The blue cards indicate a “coolness” towards the image! (and pink cards indicated a “warmth” towards other images).

Please pray for

  • the Mission and Discipleship Team as they continue to develop their support of the Synod Areas and congregations in missional discipleship
  • the Mission & Discipleship Committee (new name for what was the Future Patterns of Ministry Steering Group) as it meets for 24 hours Thursday 13th to Friday 14th July, in developing the work of both missional discipleship and the other booklet containing the Synod strategy with missional partnerships
  • the Big Day Out this Saturday as we join with Mersey Synod for an exciting time together at the Southport Convention Centre. (there is still room for anyone who wants to turn up on the day – look forward to seeing you there).

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