Moderator's Snapshots

Area Pastoral Committees

Every other month I meet with a group of God’s people in each Synod Area – always a privilege and a joy to share together in worship, work and concern for the witness of God’s folk in each of our congregations. Of course we give each group a name – in this snapshot it’s the South Area Pastoral Committee meeting at Heald Green URC yesterday. Sometimes I wish we could come up with another word than “committee” for those who gather together, volunteers from across our congregations, to share and pray and work so that the light of Christ might be sustained in the 135 communities around the Synod.

Please pray for:

  • the Pastoral Committees in each of the Synod Areas, as they continue to strive to ensure that we truly are partners in the Gospel, with a mutual responsibility for the care and support of each other
  • each Pastoral Committee as each year the need arises for new members to be identified from across the congregations in each Area
  • each of our congregations – that we may discern under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the different gifts which each member has been given for the building up of all God’s people in each congregation, and in serving Christ faithfully together.

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