Moderator's Snapshots

Ministers' Conference

This week most of the United Reformed Church’s ministers and CRCWs have gathered together at Yarnfield Conference Centre near Stone, in Staffordshire. It is a unique event in over 40 years of the denomination’s life. The focus is around our common theme of Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today. It has been exciting to look around at 300+ people who have responded to God in a particular way in the life of the Church and realise how blessed we are as the United Reformed Church in the gifts of ministry represented here.

The worship has been a highlight for me and a joyous and moving experience in such a large gathering. As part of the input into the week we have been enriched by the story-telling of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, the Revd Dr Rowan Williams through the challenging lives of 3 women (Maria Skobtsova, Dorothy Day and Madeline Delbrêl).

Please pray:

  • with thanksgiving for the blessing and rich gift we have in the particular ministries of those gathered in Yarnfield this week
  • for the increasing awareness among every member of the United Reformed Church that we have all been called to be Walking the Way: living the life of Jesus today
  • that every member of the United Reformed Church will grow in discipleship which experiences Jesus as the centre of their being, and where that focus on the centre leads to an increasing witness at the edges of the church where it meets the world that our faithfulness in living out the call of Christ will lead us to engage with the world such that it is an easier place for all people to be good in.

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