Moderator's Snapshots

Preparing for Pentecost

Last week I had the delight of going to Westminster College (snapshot of the college chapel) to talk with those ordinands who will be seeking to identify a call through the October Moderators’ Meeting, ready for when they finish college in the summer of 2019. It is good to hear some of their questions about the process and the issues involved, and their openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This coming weekend we celebrate Pentecost, and as well recognise across the Synod the new pattern of Missional Partnerships for congregations to relate to. As for those who gathered that first Pentecost we too, in 2018, hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to stir us with tongues of fire and breathe the life giving Spirit into the Body of Christ today.

We all know that change anywhere and at any time feels disturbing and uncomfortable. Yet the reminder from that first Pentecost is that the work of God is always stirring us and reviving us so that we may be equipped for the priority of mission which engages with those who are beyond the walls of our communities. I hope that we will be able to support and encourage one another to be God’s People, engaged in missional discipleship, so that many more may experience that Breath of Pentecost life.

Please pray for:

  • a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost on all God’s People across the north west
  • those ordinands who are preparing themselves (and the paperwork) for consideration at the October Moderators’ Meeting, and for those ordinands who are preparing to leave college this summer and take up posts across the denomination
  • the recognition within the Synod this Pentecost Sunday of Missional Partnerships, and for the blessing of fellowship to be discovered between congregations within partnerships in the months that lie ahead.

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