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Renewed Beginnings

supported self-reflection for churches

The church after lockdown

Using a model of reflection known as The Pastoral Cycle, Renewed Beginnings invites you to reflect on the life of your church and wider community – starting with your experience. From here, a process of further Exploration, leads to deeper Reflection, and finally to Action.

The session booklet is below for you to download, along with a video sharing the story of a church which has already used this material. 

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Click on the booklet above to download a pdf of all the materials for each session.

Resources to help you introduce Renewed Beginnings to your group

To help introduce Renewed Beginnings to your group a short presentation has been produced for you to use if you wish. It is split into two parts, one to open your session, and one to conclude, and comes with some accompanying notes for the person leading the session.

Everything you need is available to download below: the opening and closing presentations, which are available in both ‘PowerPoint’ format, and in ‘Keynotes’ for Apple users, and a pdf of the notes.

The Pastoral Cycle: Experience – Exploration – Reflection – Action →

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