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Revidge Fold beats ‘Corona Chaos’ on Mothering Sunday!

Elaine writes, every year, on Mothering Sunday, we give small bunches of daffodils to our congregation during Morning Worship. I’m sure many of you do likewise.

This year, ‘Corona Chaos’ certainly stopped us in our tracks and prevented our small but vibrant congregation from meeting under one roof on Mothering Sunday.

Not to be deterred, a few of us set to and hand-delivered the daffodils to the homes of all members of our church family. Fortunately, over 50% of folk live within a reasonable walking distance of our church building and, for those who live further afield, we were still allowed to make those ‘non-essential journeys’ in our cars.

It was a joyful experience to see the look of amazement on people’s faces as we greeted them on their doorsteps. We’ve had many phonecalls letting us know how much pleasure those few daffodils have given and how the message on each attached label, from Psalm 121, has brought comfort and hope to many of our folk in these uncertain times.

Our electronic gadgetry and social media are amazing in helping us to keep in touch with each other, aren’t they? Particularly in this weird world in which we currently live.

But what if you don’t have the internet or don’t use email or Facebook or Zoom or any of those other wonderful apps? Especially if you live alone.

As the politicians and the medics are allowing and encouraging us to take some outdoor exercise, a daily walk to post a few printed sheets through a few doors isn’t going to be frowned on, is it?

For our Revidge Fold folks who don’t use computers and would far rather read paper copies of documents than electronic ones, we printed off the scripts for our Palm Sunday and Good Friday services and hand-delivered them so that everyone in the congregation can take part in our ‘virtual services’ on those special days this Eastertime. 

The benefits of having ‘walks with purpose’ are far-reaching!

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