Manchester & Salford Urban Mission

a South Area Missional Partnership

Click the map below to view the churches in the Manchester & Salford Urban MP

Map showing the approximate location of the local churches in the Manchester & Salford Urban Mission Missional Partnership

Manchester & Salford Urban: Partnership Ministers

Manchester & Salford Urban Missional Partnership is scoped for two stipendiary ministers of Word and Sacraments and is currently in ministerial vacancy.

The partnership is also served by one part-time minister, a non-stipendiary minister, a CRCW, and two SCM ministers.

Revd Kate Gray serves as a Minister in the Manchester & Salford Urban MP, working one day per week as Minister at The Dandelion Community. 

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There is currently a ministerial vacancy in this partnership. For ministers interested in exploring a call to this ministry, click here for further details and contact your own Synod Moderator.

Liz Kam is a CRCW in the Manchester & Salford Urban MP

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Revd Dr. Adam Scott is Principal at Northern College based at Luther King Centre in Rusholme.

He serves the Synod as a non-stipendiary minister, with a role in clinical psychology.

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Revd Mike Walsh is a Pioneer Minister working in the coffee shops and bars of Chorlton. Engaging with younger adults in their faith and life journeys.

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Revd Ruth Watson is a Pioneer Minister working at Oasis Academy School in Salford.

Her passion is working with children and young people, sharing the gospel, and enriching the community.

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