Your Stepwise Mentor

acompanying you on your journey

Your Stepwise Mentor

As a Stepwise participant you’ll have a mentor alongside you on your Stepwise journey. Their role is to listen to you as you reflect upon your Stepwise experience and help you to explore where Stepwise is leading you. Your mentor is there to support you as you reflect upon your learning and your discipleship development and help you to make connections with your life experience.

The question “how is God at work in what I am learning and doing?” is a major part of Stepwise and your mentor is there to guide you as you to think about this. The mentor’s role is not a teaching one, but a supporting and enabling one. Stepwise mentors are people who are trusted in their local community and church. You will be able to choose your own mentor and guidance is given to help you think about the qualities and gifts that a suitable person will have.

Read the guidelines for personal mentors here

Every participant belongs to a local or online Stepwise Group

Your materials are accessed online on the Stepwise Hub

Everyone has a Mentor to accompany them on the course

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