discipleship development – from the United Reformed Church

Welcome to Stepwise

Welcome to Stepwise, the new discipleship development programme from the United Reformed Church.

Stepwise is for everyone: all ages, shapes and sizes – including you!

The five streams of Stepwise are …

Faith-Filled Life

Discovering our place and purpose

Faith-Fueled Leadership

We all have a part to play

Faith-Filled Confidence

Being confident in our own faith and building friendships across faiths

Faith-Filled Community

Being a church shaped by God’s mission acting for justice in God’s name

Faith-Filled Worship

Worship for change


Stepwise works by combining different kinds of activities.

In order to complete any Stepwise stream you will do all of the following:

  • Be a member of a local Stepwise group
  • follow guided material online via the Stepwise Hub; as well as
  • have meetings with a Stepwise mentor

Faith-filled Life, the opening Stepwise stream, will take you about three months to complete. The other streams contain more material and may take up to 12 months each.

Every participant belongs to a local or online Stepwise Group

Your materials are accessed online on the Stepwise Hub

Everyone has a Mentor to accompany them on the course

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